Wellness Services


I have had a chronic but manageable back problem for the past 25+ years. Within a month after joining a gym and following the trainer’s directions, I began having pain radiating from my hip down the top of my leg. The MRI showed a new problem in my back. After two epidurals and physical therapy, the pain became unbearable, and I could barely walk especially up stairs. A friend suggested acupressure and introduced me to Pat Babin. After only one session, I was walking with only minor pain, and after several sessions, I was pain-free. I cannot say enough about this procedure and about Pat’s expertise. Before this, I had never had a “non-medical” treatment, but Pat has made me a believer. Thank you.
– Marsha C.

“I have been receiving Pat’s treatment for over a year now and I feel a considerable improvement in my health. Her technique is spot on – I feel a complete release during her treatment, my pain is diminished and afterward I feel like I’ve had a full body massage. I’ve always suffered pain in my sinuses but after Pat’s treatment my sinuses don’t bother me at all.”
– Ursula K.

I have been receiving Acupressure healing for the past several months on a weekly basis. My body and mind feels open and clear every time. It is amazing to me how this modality can shift my mood and energy to the degree that it does. I have walked through many transformations. Patricia your work has changed my life on so many levels. Thank you, thank you, thank you! I enjoy your style and your approach to my body and my healing. You are an amazing healer, a wonderful listener, and an incredible guide. Thank you for doing what you do and being who you are.
With the deepest gratitude
– Nima M.

I went to Pat Babin for Jin Shin Do treatment the same week of my cousins funeral…. my family and my cousins’ were raised like one family with four parents. We were and still are wonderfully close. My grief was deep and painful.

The session was intense. The emotions just washed over me in waves. Pat stayed very present with me and never balked at what I was processing. I could feel the anger, grief and fear leaving my body. As she worked, my back quit aching around my kidneys. I could feel the throbbing tension leave my shoulders. And of course, I cried and cried releasing the grief. The longer she worked, the more relaxed I became. I could feel the trauma of my cousins long illness and the funeral leaving my body. I finally felt peace and calm! Thank you Pat for being willing to hold a space for this level of work and for for assisting me in clearing these emotions out of my body so they didn’t turn into illnesses in my organs. I appreciate you.
– Rebekah W.